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Doctor Who? Invincible Attitude Prevents UK Men Seeking Help

01 June 2009

British men are neglecting their health because they believe they are invincible, according to survey results released today by the Everyman Male Cancer Campaign.

Almost 30 per cent of British men surveyed subscribe to an “I’ll be fine attitude” about their health which prevents them from seeing a doctor, while 28 per cent admit they simply do not have time to seek medical advice even when they know they should.

The survey also found that 39 per cent of British men hadn’t been to the doctor at all in the last year which is almost twice the number of women at 22 per cent. The poll showed that the average number of visits to a doctor for a woman is 2.3 a year compared with 1.9 for men.

The findings coincide with the launch of the 12th annual Everyman Male Cancer Awareness month in June. Everyman aims to raise awareness and funds for prostate and testicular cancers which together affect 36,000 men in the UK each year.

Professor Colin Cooper, Head of the Everyman Centre, says “These survey results show that men can be notoriously bad at prioritising their health so we really need to change this mindset. If you feel something isn’t right, see your doctor and put your mind at ease”.

Prostate cancer kills 10,000 men in the UK each year which is one man every hour, while testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men aged 15-44. However, testicular cancer has a 99 per cent cure rate if caught early enough so awareness really does make a huge difference.

This year, Everyman is calling on people to ‘Turn Blue’ for male cancer and raise money to fund vital research at the Everyman Centre – Europe’s only dedicated male cancer research centre. To find out more, visit www.everyman-campaign.org.

This annual focus on male cancer is being supported by many of Everyman’s corporate partners. Moss Bros is donating a portion of sales from two pure silk ties to Everyman; Debenhams is selling Everyman pin badges in all their UK stores; Screwfix is encouraging millions of male customers to 'protect their nuts' and support the sale of some quirky merchandise, while pizza chain Papa John’s is selling a limited edition Everyman pizza.

All money raised supports the work of scientists in the Everyman Centre which is run by Europe’s leading cancer research organisation, The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR). The ICR is marking its centenary in 2009.

Media contact: Tatjana Trposka on 020 7153 5312 or email Tatjana@icr.ac.uk. For out of hours media enquiries, please call 07721747900.

Notes to Editor

• Survey conducted by OnePoll with a sample size of 3,000.
• Regional breakdown available on request.
• Prostate cancer has overtaken lung cancer to become the most common cancer in men affecting more than 34,000 men every year in the UK. One man dies of prostate cancer in the UK every hour, a total of about 10,000 men a year.

About The Everyman Male Cancer Campaign
Everyman is the UK leading male cancer campaign which raises awareness of, and funds research into testicular and prostate cancer. Everyman funds research at The Everyman Centre – Europe’s first and only centre dedicated to male cancer research. Everyman is dedicated to improving the survival rate of men with testicular cancer by raising awareness about the early symptoms. Its scientists have also led groundbreaking research into new treatments for prostate cancer. The Everyman Centre is run by Europe’s leading cancer organisation, The Institute of Cancer Research. The ICR is marking its centenary in 2009, celebrating 100 years of world leading research into cancer prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care. For more information visit www.everyman-campaign.org.

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